Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Cupcake Delicioso

You Know my definition of a Cupcake represents what the Boys want.. Which of course is Kesh and Her Cupcakes.. Some Cupcakes get replaced when there frosting becomes stail and the color does not seem appetizing to the public.. What a shame Life on this side must stay appeasing, filled with new frosting, sprinkles and cake batches..

Peters St High School is where I reside, Im the Grind Queen Biatch.. Like it or Love it shit you can even Hate.. Your the ones I love the most, but the spectators, imitators, and bootleggers I brush you off.. I daydream 5 times a day and constantly give praise to my father the almighty GOD for allowing my mind to escalate from those who expectation and opinions of Kesh Monroe, Dymond Wayz Brand, Accessories Heav'n, Grind Queen, and CUPCAKE MAFIA.. Get 2 know me you just might change your mind of this West Coast.. 2 be specific WLA finest La Dona has 2 offer the world..

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