Monday, March 15, 2010

Word up.

Words by Mizz Piicasso MIZZ.PIICASSO@GMAIL.COM


When people think of Atlanta, what comes to mind? So far Ive heard of Magic City, The Underground, Night Life, even the southern lingo like "Aye Shawty What Yo Nameis? etc.. What about fashion? I have bumped into so many people, that felt Atlanta has no type of fashion sense. Why so muchacho? WE have plenty of fashionistas that have migrated from everywhere. Aside from New York, I think Atlanta has some of the best Streets Chic fashions. From Lil 5 points to the Westside Peters St. Live/work Condo Loftiques i.e. Dymond Wayz Accessories Heaven....
Welcome to the Southside, Collie Park that is.

March 13th, 2010 I traveled to this dope ass vintage store called POOR LITTLE RICH GIRL, located in historic downtown College Park, GA. It has everything from damn near every era dated back to the early 20th century. The Styles go from elegant to chic to funky. Some of PLRG inventory, people may find in there Grandmother's Closet, or there young acting aunties closet who is actually 55 going on 21. The accessories are quite marvelous, very vintage. It easy to modernize today's style with these type of accessories such as classy handbags, pearls, big necklaces, earrings with bedazzled stones things of that nature.

On that day there was a trunk show going on, the name of the featured designer for the TS is "AQUAPONI"; this line comes from two Los Angeles Native Kelli Marie and Theresa Michelle. When I spoke with Theresa I asked her "where did the name 'AQUAPONI' come into effect?" The designer explained, it was just a random name, something that would mean eclectic and funky. The dual designers had a dream for there clothing to be one of a kind. Both of these woman are Sweet Hearts. AQUAPONI is launching there spring 2010 line very soon..... Check out there website :

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