Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Urban Family's Do Read!!

About a week ago on my commute via Metro rail Blue Line in Compton California to South Los Angeles,California, I was truly inspired by this family sitting across from me on the train, I was intrigued by the fact each of the family of four held Books with text and were engaged in there reading on a early Saturday afternoon while traveling North on the Blue Metro Rail train. The stereo type that blacks don't read, has never been so Untrue and proven wrong with these images. I asked the father of 2, would they mind if I take some candid shots and they agreed so friendly and inviting. Here are my images not the best shots however we were on a moving train..
Bottom Line If your inspired by a fellow passer-buyer let them know with a friendly compliment or a digital photo from your smart phone, and if need be just an acknowledged smile of there #StreetsChic Inspiration 2 your day!!

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