Saturday, April 24, 2010

Lets take it to the Streets.

Internationally speaking, not all street style is the same although it is the same kinds of styles. OK maybe none of you all get my drift, here is an easier way to explain it: depending on where you are from some things are worn to partake into a trend. The run on tights for example, now it is okay to walk around with a rip or run personally I think it is cute. I tend to have one in my tights all the time now I am not ashamed to walk out of the house without having to put any clear polish on it. In Tokyo, the bold and colorful tights are worn with almost everything and because of that places like London have added a classy flavor to it adding a nice pair of pumps or suede wedges with a trenchcoat to color coordinate with little accessories. As far the prints go, sometimes alot is too much. When it comes down to an outfit there is always a focal point, the thing you want everyone to focus the most. Wearing too many of different or the same prints messes up the outfit, it is like what piece of clothing is most concentrated on.

Long story short: hand me my credit card, I have some shopping to do.

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