Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Item of the Week ~ NECKRINGS by DWLA est. 1982

Model: Kesh G. Monroe

Have you ever wanted to find something that is so rare? That you may only find 4 people wearing it? Never in a million years would I have thought to picture someone wearing a necklace as earrings until I came up with an idea. NECKRINGS BY DYMOND WAYZ LA est.1982 PRICE $28.00 Now if you want to purchase this item you can find it at Dymond Wayz Accessories Heav'n Boutique on Walker St. and Fair St here in Atlanta or TO ORDER ONLINE SEND EMAIL TO KESH.DYMONDWAYZ@YAHOO.COM, FREE SHIPPING ALWAYZ..

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Miss Sarah Suzuki said...

Love the "necklace"-earrings. Genius. I'm reminded of when Janet Jackson wore the signature key earring back in the day :)

BTW-love the haircut and's fierce. I am trying to get up the courage to do the same thing..but it hasn't come along yet :)

Much continued success