Saturday, May 8, 2010

Shades and Babes


or Babes?

That is the question

Shades and Babes event held at Vitesse Exchange located in Castleberry Hill were very interesting. Of course all of the fashionistas came out to support like always. Corinne Stevie did a wonderful live performance as always. Designer Kae Couture featured her swimwear giving us a tiny presentation on the beautiful models who volunteered to sit pretty at the event. Kendrick Daye also known as the Great Eclectic designed the shades.

Corinne Stevie

Great Eclectic

Put ya pumps on Cunt. Runway time.

Dane Young & Kenyatta Williams, designer of Kae Couture

Brought to you by Vitesse Exchange

-Mizz Piicasso Signing off

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